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Great Artist Create and Great People Live to Create!!!

About May 17, 2012


Bio: I am a 35 yr. old African American Artist, born and raised in Chicago, IL where I now reside in southern California . My passion is creating and educating through painting,drawing and photography. I am a self taught artist with a professional back-ground in Psychology/Communications which adds a more profound insight into the Art that I continue to create. My work is an ongoing tribute to redefining/ shaping American culture by making my audience aware of the hidden and untold truths within our history. A large portion of my work is dedicated to the amazing lives of African American women who have struggled forever to uphold what is just and true. The mediums I use are oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas, cardboard and sometimes wood. Some of my work has been displayed throughout galleries in Chicago, Florida, New York and California, sites such as facebook, twitter, and In the beginning there was imagination and the imagination was God and the imagination was with God, they created all life and the which we see, feel and even hear! Such as Art, Such as Love and Understanding in all things!

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